School House Rock​

  • Standardized Test
  • GED
  • Home School Support

Tutoring Services

  • Academic Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Writing
  • Sciences
  • History
  • Homework Support

Academics Program 

This program is designed to help students build on their foundations in academic classes and to help build their skills in areas the student is not proficient in. 

Schoolwork and Homework Support Program 

This program is designed for students to bring in schoolwork and homework for supplemental help in all subjects.  Student sessions are planned around their immediate academic needs. 

Home-School Support Program    

Services for this program are offered to students on an "as-needed basis."  We offer support for traditional and online schools.  

Drop-in Program

This program is designed to offer students assistance on an "as-needed basis" for our students who may need a little extra help.  Please call for the availability of time slots.