Thank you School House Rock! I desperately needed help with the google online classroom for my son. I did not have a clue! Ms. Krista stepped in and has my son on track.    D. Williams

We absolutely LOVE School House Rock.  They are so excellent with kids and my daughter has learned so much since starting there.  I would most definitely recommend them to anyone looking for tutoring services for your child.    L. Dunn 

School House Rock has really been a blessing to us with helping our Elementary School student increase her learning skills.  The teachers at SHR supported our daughter's teaching and learning currently being taught at her school and made it easier for her to comprehend, without deviating from her school teachers plan.  Now, not only does she understand better, she enjoys learning and that makes it a lot more fun.    K. Donaldson   

School House Rock‚Äč

Our son and daughter have always been very gifted in their academics.  We wanted them to excel to their full potential.  A few months ago we signed them up with School House Rock and now they are among the top tier students in their Honors and Advanced Placement  programs.  Thanks SHR for being the extra support they needed to make it to the top!         B. McNair